AIM Labs

Artificial Intelligence at MIT

About Us

We are a diverse community of hackers at MIT building innovative projects to bring cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques to others.

Since our founding in Fall 2020, we've had:

5 semesters of hacking

> 100 team members

20 projects shipped

Demo Day

This year's demo day is

this Sunday 12/11/22 at 2pm in room 32-141.


Come check out what this cohort has been doing!

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Open to all MIT! We'll have free food.

Example Past Projects

Applying custom neural style transfers to generate unique effects on images and videos

Combining your body's movements with PoseNet to create an interactive visual and auditory artistic experience

Ever get lost walking through campus? Get directions from any room in MIT to any other.

Social Music Recommender

Mapping music features and individual preferences into a new way for individuals and groups to create mutually enjoyable playlists


David Koplow


Sejal Gupta


John Yang

VP of Mentorship

Kathleen Esfahany

Advisory Board Member

Eric Gbordzoe

Advisory Board Member

Vivek Bhupatiraju

Advisory Board Member

Aayush Gupta

Advisory Board Member

How to Join

Applications for the next cohort of AIM Labs open at the end of January.

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